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By Pipaluk Universe, founder of Magic is the Key
What is The Empowered Witch?
I'm glad you asked! Whether you've just started discovering magic and witchcraft or you have been a practicing spiritual adventurer for a while, The Empowered Witch is your one stop shop for you to feel empowered in your magic, experience success with your practice and apply it to daily life.

The Empowered Witch is an exclusive online community for all magical humans who want to have more than just a spirituality and meditation...

But actually have the mentorship, community, and accountability to quickly integrate your witchcraft into your life and learn to work with real magic every day.
Become a Founding Member!
This is the first time I am launching this membership, which means you have the unique chance for a LIMITED TIME to become a Founding Member of The Empowered Witch.
Here’s What Others Are Saying About Pipaluk Universe's Coaching:
"I want to thank you for helping me rewire my brain into becoming a more peaceful and connected being, thank you for guiding me through stormy times and enabling the road for me to find a source of power in myself that I had long lost."

- Christine H. || Culture Professional
"I began in a stuck place and through her intuition and pure connection with spirit drove right to the point in a loving and encouraging way. I feel supported and my own practice has been deepened through her care and attention."

- Missy H. || Filmmaker, Artist, Truth Seeker, Mindfulness Teacher
"I really feel I can trust Pipaluk and that she leads me in the right direction.

Her coaching is very special, different and also incredibly helpful."

- Elena F. || Author & Mother
Pipaluk Universe offers a wonderful, mystical, safe, flowing space. The way that she directs awareness and attention guided me to safe spaces where I could realize my true self. She is a wonderful mirror that showed me who I want to be rather than who anyone else, including me ego, wants me to be. She can see past the veil I so often place between reality and the freak, wild human, or flourishing god or goddess I want to allow myself to be.

She has a wide breath of knowledge about traditions ranging from tarot to witchcraft and tantra, and she mixes the intention of all of these practices with a down-to-earth perspective that can help anyone move forward at their own pace. The visualizations and meditations she chooses to work with keep me connected to my body while also allowing me to soar above my whole life with new perspective, and descend into my nutrient rich darkness to plant the seeds of new beauty with a feeling of safety and security.

- Alan D. || Researcher
What You Get:
Live Workshops, Mentorship and Coaching
Every month you're getting an interactive workshop with me on a LIVE video conference call with your fellow members.

I'll share:

Tarot Techniques
Shamanic Journeys
and more...

with you from my own practice and how you ways in which you can integrate the magic that happens in the workshop into your daily life so you can feel more empowered, connected and validated in your practice.

If you'd like to come on the call you are more than welcome. You can ask me any questions about the work we are doing together, share your magical experiences & visions and celebrate your successes.
  • The Seed of Endings & Beginnings
  • Facing Challenge & Uncertainty with Magic
  • Orgasmic Energy & How to Wield it
  • Two Sides of the Same Coin: Discovering the Light & the Dark
  • The Shaman's Journey
  • Spirit Guides, Allies & Guardians
  • The Power of the Drum
  • The Ecstatic Path of the Wild Ones
  • Real Manifestation Magic
  • The Self & All It's Parts
  • The 7 Gates Ritual to your Inner Soul
  • Death: A Meditation on New Beginnings
  • And so much more...
Pages from My Personal Book of Shadows
Every month I will share a page of my Book of Shadows with you. This means I am sharing stuff I have worked with for many years that has proven to be deeply transformational to my life.

I'll be sharing wisdom, knowledge, techniques, practices, rituals and more that you wont find anywhere else as this is from my own personal practice.

I have walked this path for many years and studied with various teachers. In this time I have discovered what works and what doesn't. You will be able to keep these pages forever and save yourself a lot of time on your path to an empowered spiritual & magical practice.
Monthly Tarot in the Spotlight
Every month I will do a tarot reading. Not only will I share the reading itself, I will also put one of the cards that came up in the spotlight and go into more detail about the card.

I will share with members exclusively...

- Ways in which you can interpret the card.

- Unusual details to look for that can make all the difference in your reading.

- Variations of the card you wont find in books on the internet. Because I am the co-founder of I have access to a large number of old and rare tarot decks and special insights, both historical and magical.

- A personal interpretation of the card in the form of an artwork that I am making exclusively for The Empowered Witch members!
Book Reviews
Get an in depth book review every month!

It can be hard to navigate the enormous amount of books available today. I am in the unique position of having studied magic, the occult & witchcraft for all of my life (hey, I made teaching it my work!) and over the course of my studies I have gotten to know incredible teachers, authors, mystery traditions and even publishers.

I will offer you honest opinions about the books I am reading. Some will be good, some more critical.

To save you time, I will also highlight what the book offers (think cliff notes of magic, witchcraft & spirituality), the most useful practices, and empower you to make form your own opinion!

The Empowered Witch knows to trust their own truth and these book reviews are made to support you in doing exactly that!
Interviews with a Witch / Magician
Every other month I will work my connections and interview a powerful witch / magician for you. I will ask them things like...

How they came to their practice.

What advice they have for both people starting out and those who have been practicing for a while.

What the biggest challenges they experienced were and how they overcame them.

Their success stories about real spells, magic, divination and more!

And also the pitfalls. This stuff works, so it can be good to also learn more about what not to do!
Private Facebook Group
Connect with like minded souls who think just like you! Join the private Facebook group where you can share your experiences, ask questions and find a thriving community of other witches & magicians to connect with.
The Empowered Witch FREE for 30 Days 🙌🏼
You also get 3 SPECIAL BONUSES!
Live Group Tarot Reading
Life is always full of uncertainties and it can often be difficult to see clearly. I've been there myself! Generally I only read tarot cards for private clients, to help guide them on their life. But as a founding member you have the chance to ask me a question for the tarot in a group call, and I will read for you live!

If you are unsure what to ask or how to approach the tarot, don't worry. I will offer you support!
Magic Meditation Secrets E-Book
In this book I share my two most important meditation practices. They have been life changing and I've been doing this every single day for almost a decade!

I am sharing with you easy steps you can follow to do the meditations on your own. Not only that, I will also be telling you WHY these practices are useful!

What results can you expect? Great that you ask! You can expect to feel deeply connected to yourself and the universe. These are two of the most important keys I hold to my most empowering magic!
Magic Meditation Secrets Video Course
Would you prefer if I take you through my two most important meditation practices personally? Wonderful! You will be able to access this video course where I explain everything to you on video and demo the meditations. This is almost as good as a real life transmission of these practices.

You will also receive the following bonuses:

BONUS #1: Downloadable recordings of both meditations so you can get the benefits of them anytime, anywhere.

BONUS #2: Meditation music. I recorded my steel drum, Senna, for you. This drum has been very popular during my live workshops and now you can enjoy the sounds from wherever you want!
I'm not a witch or a magician. Will this work for me?
This program is perfectly suited for anyone who wants to integrate a powerful spiritual practice into their life. This work is about transformation, experiencing real wonder and magic, and empowering yourself! Even if you are just curious, you can try the free trial and always cancel if you decide this is not for you.
What if I want to cancel? Is there a contract?
No contract whatsoever! Cancel anytime. Just drop an e-mail to and we'll never charge you again. NOT PENALTIES, NO CONTRACTS.
How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
Good question! Everyone is different - if your spiritual practice and self empowerment is your number on focus right now and you want to experience magic & transformation fast, then you can dedicate every fiber of your being to The Empowered Witch..and believe me, you'll get it back tenfold. Or, if you want to keep this as a "do it as I can" situation, that's also fine. You will still get a lot out of it! The resources are readily available for you to use whenever you need a dose of magic. This is your community, utilize it as you see fit.
Is this The Empowered Witch right for introverts?
The beauty of this program is that you can go at it quietly or you can jump in life on calls and let your heart out in the facebook group. You can decide if you prefer to watch and listen or talk with me and your peers. The community is there for you to use as a resource and sounding board. Whatever challenges you are facing in your spiritual practice and magic, you question will be answered in the live group. And the live calls are private, so you NEVER EVER have to get on camera if you don't want to. Drop your questions in the chat, chill in your pajamas as you watch.
I want to become a member. Where do I start?
Wonderful! Congratulations! Once you sign up, we'll send you an e-mail with all your log in details so you're ready to dive in. You'll receive a link to the private group once you're accepted. Please introduce yourself and tell us where you're from. Welcome to your new home! Peruse the courses in your course library and get new content every week!
How often do you release new content?
New content is released every month! You will get: A live monthly workshop, a page from my very own Book of Shadows, tarot reading and a tarot card in the spotlight, and a book review. Every other month I will also release an interview with a witch or magician.
Live Workshops, Mentorship and Coaching
My Personal Book of Shadows
Tarot in the Spotlight
Book Review
Private Facebook Group
BONUS #1: Live Group Tarot Reading
BONUS #2: Magic Meditation Secrets E-Book
BONUS #3: Magic Meditation Secrets Video Course
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